Pronghorn CE Miller Ranch

  • April 28, 2017

Pronghorn CE Miller Ranch

The Pronghorn is one of the “flagship species” of the CE Miller Ranch and the Trans Pecos Region of Texas. Here on the Miller Ranch, we are fortunate to normally host about 50 to 60 Pronghorn.  In the winter, the Pronghorn run in large bunches on several parts of the ranch, and in the spring they break into smaller groups and spread out to find available forage. We see “bachelor groups” of young males running together.  The does form another group, and in late April and early May, they go off by themselves to give birth.  We work to keep the predators down to give Pronghorn fawns a chance to survive.  If the fawn lives, it can join the ranks as one of the fastest land mammals in the Western Hemisphere!

     In the 1950s, Clay Miller helped Texas Parks and Wildlife catch and transport Pronghorns from the Rocker B Ranch in Texas to the Trans Pecos Region.  In 2011, after the Pronghorn were declining in numbers from drouth, Texas Parks and Wildlife once again set out to relocate Pronghorn from the Panhandle to several area ranches, including the CE Miller Ranch.  Since 2011, Texas Parks and Wildlife have successfully relocated Pronghorn several more times to various areas in the Trans Pecos Region.

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